Your database to test Gestinux

Create yourself and for free your database to test Gestinux, without having to install and setup a SQL server on your system.
It can be created from various templates, or empty if you prefer and you will be able to enter or import data as you like during 7 days.
After 7 days your data will be erased and the database created again from the same template. After 4 weeks, it won't be created automatically, but you will be able to create it yourself if you need to test again.
I may stop your test, or delete your database, and I'm not commited to deliver an uninterrupted service. You can't use it for professional or legal usage.
If you wish, a securized and regularly backuped database can be purchased, with a a small mensual or annual charge, with technical and functionnal support. Several users will be able to access it, from several places, and a web site could also use it, to display a product catalog, for example.

To create or manage an existing database, you must be identified with the same user and password as gestinux forum

nickname :
password :
Store this identification on your computer :