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This is a simple import. However, you should have read the page explaining importing in general.




One line in the grid for one journal.


You only need to provide the 2 first fields. The others will be generally entered manually in gestinux after the import.

  • Account code : 3 numeric characters at least, and up to 7 alphanumeric characters without spaces or special characters.
  • Name : Up to 50 characters to give a more detailed name.
  • Reconcilable : False by default. Read importing in general for logical values.
  • Root : Optional and 0 by default.
    • 0 : Regular account (not a root)
    • 1 : Undefined root
    • 2 : Don't use this account
    • 3 : Banks
    • 4 : Customers
    • 5 : Suppliers
    • 6 : taxes

After importation

BalanceSheet accounts

It is important, before ending the fiscal year, to set the accounts to be reported in the next fiscal year. This is not automated because not every country works the same way.

The installation contains a query valid in France, to set any account starting by 1-5 and 8 as a balance sheet account.

If you can provide information about the practices in your country, some queries could be prepared accordingly.

Reconciliable accounts

In the same way, it can be useful to check and update the field saying if the account is reconciliable or not, because this property is not always present in other accounting softwares.

In version 1.2 there is a query valid in France, to set any account starting by 4 as reconciliable.