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This is a descendant of TCustomDbGrid.

It is designed to be linked to a read only TGQuery, through a TDataSource.

To get full additional functionnalities, create columns linked to the fields of your Query.

  • Column titles are automatically translated from the language file.
  • If you click in a column title, the grid will be sorted according to the corresponding field.
  • You can sort against up to 3 columns. The last clicked is the major one, the previous first one becomes the second, the second becomes the third.
  • If you type characters, this will select the first line starting with the entered characters. Backspace to go back.
  • Width and order of columns can be saved in the inifile by using a context menu item (right click), and restored next time you run.

This component is generally used with TGNavButtons.

See also : Display only components