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To upgrade version, download and execute the installation package. More details here


1.5 Stable 3

Published on December, 14 2021, to be used on Linux Debian 64 bits or Windows.

Not yet available on other configurations. Work in progress...

This version corrects an issue found on version 1.5 Stable 2 (never released) due to a recent version of ZeosDbo, found on some systems when importing or creating data with national characters. "SQL Syntax error during INSERT", not true.

1.5 Stable 1

Published on August, 02 2020, to be used on Linux Debian 32 bits only.

Not yet available for Mac OS/X

All reported bugs have been fixed.

The field Function in the table Contacts has been duplicated into ContactFunction, it is kept for compatibility, but will be removed in the next version, because it is not compatible with last MySql or MariaDb releases.

Some translations to Italian or Spanish are missing, still in English.

1.5 Release candidate 1

Do not use, install stable release instead.

  • Compiles on Windows
  • Corrected a bug when deleting an accounting entry
  • Set accounting entry read-only or read-write after an advanced search

1.5 Beta-4

Do not use, install stable release instead.

New features


  • Stock management of products and inventory
  • Update stock after validation of a delivery bill
  • Update ProductStock after validation of quotes and orders (for estimation)
  • Warehouses management
  • Default properties in Product Groups used to create new products.
  • Button to recompute product stocks in case of problem (temporary)

Sales Documents

  • New field SalesDocs.ExternalReference


  • EDIFact import of Orders
  • EDIFact export of DeliveryBills and Invoices


  • Advanced search : balance fields in the bottom
  • Reconciliations : Can create regularisation accounting entries
  • BalanceSheet report setup: Add duplicate accounts check, and a list of unused accounts to check if the report is well balanced


  • Handle languages with RTL orientation (experimental, with a few translations into Hebrew)



  • Improved the main menu with coloured panels

Import/Export Data

  • Added a splash during SQL verification and execution
  • Quicker script loading


  • Can't delete accounting move generated by invoice validation

Sales documents

  • Check dues and validate the grid before saving document.
  • Do not copy dues when copying a salesdoc, and instead recompute them from default


  • Dynamic translation with F4

Technical changes (for developers)

  • Unit GTable separated from GDbConnection; added BeforeCheck and AfterCheck events and property TableOrder.
  • TGTable inherits from TZAbstractTable instead of TZTable to remove unused properties.
  • Upgrade movelines, primary key changed to Id and references replaced everywhere.
  • Removed field Moves.MoveNumber, replaced by Id in previous version 1.4
  • New table CountryCodes to have an unique Id for Countries like other tables.
  • Added fields CountryId to Company, CustomerAddresses, SalesDocs and perform automatic upgrade
  • XPM, LRS and others moved into "image" svn subfolder
  • Alignment=taCenter for TGlabel by default
  • EntryPanel don't save readonly controls
  • New methods TGgrid.Validate and GotoCell, new event Grid.OnValidateEntry, changed OnValidRow signature
  • Avoid EntryValidation when moving backward in the grid; Added public ValidateRow;
  • InvoiceText field changed to TMemoField
  • New visual components GDateTimeEdit and GFolderEdit
  • Footer property in TGGrid
  • Removed mysql-client dependance because maria-db-client or postgresql can replace it
  • Indexes on made non unique
  • Countries update is now deferred when a new language is set and database not yet connected
  • Refactored and added new units UnitxxxxBase to be used in non GUI mode
  • Removed dependencies from UnitDatamodule to Forms and UI


1.4 Stable-3

Last version to be used,published on November,3 2017.

This version corrects bugs found with 1.4-Stable-2 only on Linux 64 bits, because for this target we have used a more recent Lazarus (1.8-RC-3) and have had discovered some issues.

1.4 Stable-2

This version corrects bad language selection when no test version remain installed.

The Linux 64 bits version doesn't work, and must be replaced by the last 1.4 Stable version.

1.4 Stable

Published on May, 03 2017.

This version corrects an error when validating an invoice not previously saved.

1.4 Release candidate #6

Published on March, 03 2017. Please, replace with last stable version.

This version corrects :

  1. a severe regression during invoices validation, which generated incomplete accounting entries
  2. a wrong evaluation of read only accounting entries, in some situations.
  3. sorting order of FEC export (for french accountings)
  4. display of sales document dates with old layouts
  5. perform automatic reconnection after a network error
  6. Roundings in balance sheet layout for french accountings
  7. a small bug when invoicing with no sale category created
  8. display now an error message when entering 2 overlapping fiscal periods (regression)

1.4 Release candidate #5

Published on January, 04 2017. Please replace with last version if available.

This version corrects :

  1. Error when cancelling an accounting entry (on Windows)
  2. Amounts multiplicated by 100 in FEC export (for France only)
  3. Bug corrected in Areas and Product groups (with MariaDb only)
  4. Imports : Table list not emptied and looking like untranslated
  5. An error when printing remaining amount on invoices.
  6. An issue when creating a product before any Sales category.

1.4 Release candidate #4

Published on October, 05 2016. Please replace with last version if available.

This version corrects :

  1. Bug duplicated field when copying to invoice
  2. Bug when display accounting entry after search (wrong alias)
  3. Error after Customer update when combobox item was not assigned during creation
  4. Error in select customerduespayments
  5. Access violation when saving database parameters without connection before.
  6. Set always readwrite a new inserted line
  7. Added missing upgrade (UpdateCustomerDuesPayments)
  8. When modifying only default value of a field, NULL/NOT NULL was lost
  9. Moves.MoveNumber and MoveTemplates.TemplateNumber must have a default value.
  10. Downgrade improved
  11. Now, Debian build installs the package after a successful build
  12. Translations for debian man and desktop files added in inifiles and used during build
  13. Display in bold or italic main address in Customer form
  14. Workaround to prevent unchecking main address or contact (GCheckBox.Enabled property do not work properly)
  15. Corrected wrong MySql driver names for MAC OS/X (need ZEOSLib Patch)
  16. Added search of generic MySql drivers on LINUX and MAC OS/X (need ZEOSLib Patch)
  17. Added search of drivers for MySql 5.6 and 5.7 on all systems (need ZEOSLib Patch)

1.4 Release candidate #3

Published on September, 05 2016. Please, replace with next version.

This version corrects :

  1. After database upgrade, errors while validating or cancelling new accounting entries, and creating product groups.

1.4 Release candidate #2

Published on August, 03 2016. Please replace with last version.

This version corrects :

  1. Accounting entry : sometimes a new entry was not possible.
  2. Accounting entry : templates are sorted by alphabetical order.
  3. SQL : added a script in the distribution, to alter the database, allowing downgrade to version 1.2
  4. Windows : issue when starting with an username containing accentuated or other national characters.
  5. Mac OS/X : amounts should be displayed correctly.

1.4 Release candidate

Last version to be tested, on Linux 32 bits and MAC OS/X, Published on July 22, 2016.

This version corrects :

  1. Accounting entry : Access violation when a non existing template is selected.
  2. Added autocompletion in every ComboBox.
  3. Creation of standard missing triggers during database upgrade.
  4. Initialization of new field EntryDate to value of UpdateDate when it is NULL.
  5. Translations to spanish and italian completed

1.4 Beta 3

Version published on June, 16, 2016. Please, replace it with next version.

This version corrects :

  1. a bug when importing "tab" delimited files.
  2. the integrated translator, adding a button to count the number of missing translations.
  3. the creation of accounts, displaying now a default value "regular" for the header
  4. copy of quotes into invoices
  5. quotes deletion
  6. display of credit notes, now in red.

New translations in spanish and italian have not been done, a not many tests have been done with PostgreSQL.

1.4 Beta 2

Version published on June, 06, 2016. Please, replace it with last beta version.

1.4 Beta 1

Version, published on May, 17, 2016

Please, replace it with last beta version.

New features

Orders :

  • We can now enter orders, similar to quotes and invoices (Thanks to nomorelogic from Italy)

Accounting :

  • Added a field in AccountingEntries and Reconciliations to store Entry date time. Distinct from UpdateDate and not altered by a backup restauration.

Other improvements

Accounting :

  • Displaying the first page of accounting entries is now much quicker.
  • Corrected an issue preventing program exit when database server has gone during Accounting entries
  • FEC export (legal requirement in France) was improved.


  • Corrected bugs with main contact and main delivery contacts.


  • In SQL Tab, added a checkbox to commit or rollback after script is executed.
  • SplashForm is more visible

Technical changes (for developers)

  • Jump from 1.2 to 1.4 to match Gestinux_util version
  • Primary Key changed in Table Moves and MovesTemplates. Field MoveNumber is now unused, but updated for descending compatibility. Should be removed in next version.
  • Component EntryPanel used in most basic forms.
  • SalesInvoices and Quotes are now stored in the same table (SalesDocs), and Orders too.
  • Old tables are kept for descending compatibility, when they don't store specific informations
  • In TGTable, when DefaultExpression is NOW or CURRENT_TIMESTAMP for a DateTime field, the default value is set to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.
  • SalesInvoice reports are now in folder SalesDocs
  • Translator is improved a little, and some bugs were corrected


1.2 Stable 2

Published on Mar, 03, 2016

Correction on Mar 05 of Windows version, to add italian language to installer, and an icon to the program.

Database reorganisation is not required if you had the previous version.

Corrected an error, possibly leading to unbalanced accounting entries, in particular usages of bank matching. If you created your database with a previous version and want to use bank matching, you should, for security, run a script provided in the forum.

Some errors when saving data into the database was not displayed. They are displayed now.

Display of field "Accuracy" when searching for accounting entries by amount (it has disappeared).

Suppressed an useless message when displaying non editable accounting entries (end date < start date).

In reconciliation, next or previous account, accounts totally reconcilied are no more displayed.

Added italian translation.

1.2 Stable

Stable version, published on Nov 18, 2015

Removed messages after entering accounts containing letters in standard accounting reports.

Removed messages issued during manual entry of a date in the customizable accounting report. (Balance sheet et c...)

1.2 Release candidate 5

Version published on Sep 24, 2015. Please install and use the last stable version instead.

Corrects an issue when importing accounting entries.

1.2 Release candidate 4

Version published on Sep 22, 2015. Please replace with the last version for testing.

On Windows, an export and a query (used in France), are now correctly installed. If your database was created with a previous version, you have to reorganize it (Parameters, Database, Check the box in the bottom).

In reports, the thousand separator "non-breaking space" is replaced by a regular space, because it was wrongly converted and unprintable.

On Windows and Linux, it is now impossible to modify a default report definition installed by the distribution. You have to use another name to save a change made to it.

1.2 Release candidate 3

Version published Aug 05, 2015. Please, replace it with last version.

On Windows, installs now correctly Journals and General Ledger default reports. If you still don't have General Ledger, you have to reorganize the database.

1.2 Release candidate 2

Version published Jul 01, 2015. Please, replace it with last version.

1.2 Release candidate 1

Published Jun 02, 2015. Please, replace it with last version.

1.2 Beta 4

Published Apr 25, 2015. Please, replace it with last version.

1.2 Beta 3

Published Apr 24, 2015. Please, replace it with last version.

Small known bug : can't validate an invoice, except if you have opened and closed before AccountingEntry.

1.2 Beta 2

Published Mar 31, 2015. Please, replace it with last version.

1.2 Beta 1

Version published Feb 05, 2015. Please, replace it with last version.


  • New translation in spanish.
  • The english translation has been improved a little.
  • The integrated translator has been improved and allows now to find and remove unused keys.

New functionalities

Customers and sales documents :

  • Creation of quotes
  • Copy of quotes in invoices and mutually.
  • Quote layouts can be different of invoice layouts, or identical (shared).
  • Sub-totals with automatic computation during entry, and free editable label.
  • Numbering of credit notes is now distinct of invoice numbering.
  • New tabsheet on customer form, to list invoices, payments and balance.

Accounting :

  • End of period : completely rewritten and simplified. Is now performed in one step.
  • Customizable reports of type balance sheet can now be defined between two dates, not only a fiscal period.
  • New customizable report of type balance sheet, to fill a monthly VAT form. Should be customized for national specifications.
  • Export of accounting entries with a customizable query. This is required in some countries and should be customized for national specifications.
  • Can define freely other queries to export accounting entries, e.g for audit or consolidation purposes.

Database :

  • SQL queries can be defined freely, stored in database and imported from files for any useful update.
  • Using this functionality, last backup restauration is easier
  • New tabsheet to display informations about the database.
  • Can change password on server for the currently identified user.
  • Client side custom parameters can be added freely.
  • A custom database driver can be specified.

Other improvements

  • Automatic reorganisation of database will allow a better descending compatibility.
  • This will allow removing of duplicate or unused fields, in the next release, without hazard.
  • Invoices : field "Batch" is now saved.
  • Can no more select a header account in accounting entry
  • A default layout for general ledger is now created the first time or after reorganization.
  • In the customizable balance sheet report, there is no more useless button for constant fields.
  • Imports has been improved to make usage easier.
  • Exports no more contain useless semicolumns, which was not allowed in some softwares.
  • The field Name in table FiscalYears, unused in the last 2 releases, was deleted for new databases.
  • No more need to define accounting parameters if you want only to make pro-forma invoice.
  • In invoices, contact is now entered or selected before address.
  • Connection configurations are managed, after creation and deletion.
  • Filenames with accentuated, national or regional characters (UTF-8) can now be used on Windows, not only on Linux.
  • The configuration inifile can be specified with -c Filename. The old syntax is still available but will be removed in next version to allow more parameters

Technical changes (for developers)

  • Folder containing packaging and installation scripts has been renamed from "tools" to "install"
  • The script to make debian packages includes now any language available ( .ini file) without modification required.
  • For alpha, beta et release-candidate versions, application is installed with the name gestinux-test, and do not modify anything in a previously installed stable release.
  • UnitLanguages has been moved to Gestinux_util
  • Translation files for Gestinux and Gestinux_util was splitted, to allow other applications than Gestinux to use Gestinux_util.
  • Installation location of gestinux_util, in Lazarus EDI, is now available through a macro. This way any application using Gestinux_util can find translations, wherever they were installed.
  • Translations sections are now based on FormClassName, instead of FormName, and this will allow several forms of the same class, and a multi-document interface.
  • Different versions of Gestinux require specific versions of Gestinux_util, and they can be loaded automatically.
  • Autocommit was replaced by explicit commit to ensure data consistency.
  • Common methods to save and read images or memos in database.
  • For all visual components :
    • alignement "Top" et a border of 3px are now set by default, allowing a quicker designing of a form.
    • hint is now translated dynamically, in case of toggling language at runtime.
  • GFileEdit : New visual component to select a file.
  • GTabControl : The active page is no more saved in the dfm, to avoid a wrong page to be displayed.
  • GEditButton : New property MaxLength and size computed from this property value.
  • GDbGrid : A descending sort criteria is never more saved as ascending
  • GForm : Template and ancestor class method to display a form


1.1 Stable 2

Published September 24, 2014.

Corrected an issue with accounting entries templates.

Please do not use it anymore, except temporarily for upgrading from 1.0 to 1.2

1.1 Stable 1

Published August 28, 2014.

A few new features, but improvements of the previous stable version (1.0).

  • Computation of VAT due on payments (For now, only for invoices with one due, paid in one time)
  • Storage of the user having inserted or updated data.
  • Removed useless fields.
  • Better management of descending compatibility.
  • Of course fixing of bugs described with version 1.0 below.

1.1 Release Candidate 1

Published June 24, 2014. Please, replace it with last version.

1.1 Beta 2

Published April 03, 2014. Please, replace it with last version.


1.0 Stable

Published Jan 31, 2014.

There are some bugs :

  • Imports are not working at all.
  • With PostgreSQl when creating or editing an accounting journals.

1.0 Release candidate 4

Published Nov 12, 2013. Please, replace it with last version.

1.0 Release candidate 3

Published Aug 31, 2013. Please, replace it with last version.

1.0 Release candidate 2

Published Aug 05, 2013. Please, replace it with last version.

1.0 Release candidate 1

Published Mar 08, 2013. Please, replace it with last version.

1.0 Beta 8

Published Jan 25, 2013.

1.0 Beta 7

Published Jan 3, 2013.

1.0 Beta 6

Published Dec 18, 2012.

1.0 Beta 5

Published Dec 10, 2012.


0.5 Release candidate 2

Last release published May 24, 2011. Please do not use it and upgrade now