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To be notified of next releases, register on this wiki, and watch this page.

To upgrade, just download and execute the installation package.

An automatic database upgrade may occur after you run the program

  • It is safe, but a database backup is always advisable before !
  • You will have to connect with an username having enough rights to alter or create tables in database.

1.0 Beta 3

Last beta release published Jul 20, 2012.

The Beta version can be downloaded for tests, evaluations, and translations. It contains many bugs, requires several weeks of developement, and must not be used for production. There are a lot of improvements and new features

0.5 Release candidate 2

Last release published May 24, 2011. Upgrade

  • Amounts were not computed and displayed in balance sheet and other customized editions.

0.5 Release candidate 1

Last release published May 10, 2011.

  • No change, except small translations updates.

0.5 beta 4

Released the April 07, 2011.

  • Corrected bugs :
    • It was not possible to specify account codes and journals in the standard accounting reports.
  • Improvements
    • French fiscal reports 2033 improved.

0.5 beta 3

Released 06/04/2011

  • Corrected bugs :
    • Generation of moves from bank matching was inverted ( debit in place of credit)
    • It was possible to change the account after reconciliation of a move
    • In move entry, when no move was displayed, creation options no more include inserting line, copying move, generating a template.
    • Date format was not used during move imports.
    • Balance Sheet example FR_Résultat 2033 B was not working on some Windows versions because of an accent in the name.
  • Improvements :
    • Only 500 first moves are displayed in move entry or move search, to avoid too long time for results. This limit will be editable later.

0.5 beta 2

Last released the 28/02/2011.

  • Fixed bugs :
    • Journals and Accounts was not modifiable after they were selected in move or bank statements entry.
    • Initialization issues when database username and password was not stored

0.5 beta 1

Released the 17/02/2011.

  • Support databases PostgreSQL, in addition to MySql.
  • Import, entry and matching of bank statements.
  • Move templates with computations (V.A.T for example)
  • Possibility to create a move template from an existing move.
  • Creation of a move by copy or inversion of another move.
  • Searching moves from text, or from matching state.
  • Sort according all columns, after move search.
  • Computations in customizable reports (balance sheet, et c...)

0.4 beta 1

Released 08/12/2010.

  • Import in fixed column format, and from several SQL databases, allowing to directly import data from OpenERP, for example.
  • Various improvements of some forms and reports.
  • A launcher is created during Ubuntu installation.

0.3 beta 2

Released 22/10/2010.

  • New search of moves.
  • Correct several issues in reports and move entry.
  • Default definitions and layouts provided for reports
  • Menu was reorganized.
  • Improved installation on Linux, with a valid installlation Debian package.

0.2 beta 3

Released 14/10/2010.

  • Correct an issue when finding the system language sometimes.
  • Improve importation functionalities, allowing to ignore some columns of the input file.
  • Enhance installation on Windows and Linux