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This Wiki is not designed to talk. Use the forum for this.


Right to edit

If you want to improve this wiki, or to translate pages, you need to ask for an user account, using the forum.

Please, describe shortly yourself in the message.

Your username and password will be the same as in the forum. You can't create another account or change your password on this wiki.

There are some rules to follow :

Name and title of the pages

To allow direct access to help pages from Gestinux, and an easier management, non english pages must have the same name as in English with /xx added at the end, where xx is the iso code of the language.

To create a new translation of an existing page in the language zz, add or replace /zz at the end of the url.

To translate :

Then, you will have to click the bouton Create, ou Edit if the page already exists.

To display a readable title, each page should start with : {{#customtitle:Title of the page}}

Links to available translations are created automatically by this template. They should not be added manually.


You can (and should) upload examples from the Test database.

If possible, use only .png files and name the images from the page name and the language.

[[File:PageName_n]] in english pages

[[File:PageName_n-fr]] in non-english pages