Initial setup

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Minimal setup

Before using Gestinux, you must enter a minimal set of parameters.

  1. Confirm the language
  2. Define and possibly create the database to use.
  3. Enter informations about your company or your organization.

Accounting setup

You must then check some accounting basic informations

  1. Define fiscal years
  2. Define accounting journals
  3. Define or update your account chart
  4. Optionnally, define accounting entry templates with computations

Sales setup

Then, if you want to make quotes and invoices, you must setup or check basic data, depending on legal requirements varying in different countries, and on your commercial practices.

  1. Sales categories
  2. Taxes (V.A.T and other taxes)
  3. Tariffs
  4. Payment modes
  5. Sales units
  6. Sales document layouts
  7. Customer groups
  8. Product groups
  9. Contact titles
  10. Delivery areas

Rights to enter or edit setup

By default, all users can change the setup and other data.

If you want, you can create several users and forbid some changes on setup data for some of them. Up to now, this must be done with a SQL administration tool, removing some rights from some tables in the database. You can ask for help from a developer.

Menu options and buttons will always been displayed active and when some forbidden change is attempted, the user will only get an unfriendly, hard to understand message. This should be improved in the future...

Ready to go

You can then start using Gestinux