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If you do not want to use a database hosted in the internet, Gestinux requires either MySql Server or MariaDb Server (>= 5.0) or PostgreSQL Server (>= 8.4) installed on your local system, or on any server your network can access.

The easiest installation is setting up MySql on Linux.

The power of current computers means you will still have spare processing capacity after installing a server locally.

You must have an administrator account before you can install.

The following is a short guide to installing. For more details, please refer to the official documentation.

To install MySql server :

  • On Ubuntu :
    • Use the software center, or synaptic to install the package mysql-server.
    • Confirm a few options
    • You can enter a blank password for the root account if you are evaluating.
  • On Windows :
    • Go to the mysql download page
    • Download the appropriate installer (in most cases, the first one)
    • Execute the setup.exe, using a privileged account.
    • You can accept the default options
    • You can choose a standard configuration
    • A non-blank root password is required: Remember it !

To install MariaDb Server :

  • On Linux Ubuntu :

On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and newer, MariaDB can be installed with the software center, or synaptic, or you can run in a terminal :

sudo apt-get install mariadb-server

On older versions, see this documentation

  • On Windows :

Download from this page

To install PostgreSQL server :

  • On Ubuntu :
    • Install the package postgresql
  • On Windows
    • Go to the PostgreSQL download page
    • Download the appropriate installer (x86-32 or x86-64 according your Windows version)
    • Execute the postgresql-(version)-windows(-x64).exe, using a privileged account.
    • You can accept the default paths for installation and data
    • Define a non-blank superuser password: remember it!
    • You can accept the default port number (5432). If you define a new one: remember it!
    • Define your locale settings
    • After files were copied, uncheck Execute Stack Builder on exit
    • In the client-server configuration
      • Go to the directory <data> defined at the step before and edit the file pg_hba.conf by adding this line at the end: host <database> all <network>/24 md5
      • Example: host gestinux all md5 (Allow all users on the local network 192.168.1.* to access the database gestinux)
      • And finally you must open the used port (default 5432) in your firewall

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