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Before you can make any accounting entries, you will have to create some journals.

They can be imported from a file or from an another database produced by other accounting software. Some example sets of test data are available which can be imported. They are currently produced by some French software (SAGE Ligne 100 and APISoft Expert). If you can provide other test data (especially in English or languages other than French) please contact the developers on the forum.

You can also define journals manually, from the menu (Parameters, Journals), or in Accounting entry before selecting a journal.

The data you have to provide is as follows :

  • A journal code (10 characters or digits) as a short identifier. It must be unique (i. e. distinct from all other journal codes).
  • The journal name (there is a 50 character maximum length) giving the full name of the journal.
  • The journal type (Cash to match bank statements, other journal types are not used).
  • The account number (For cash journal only)
  • Manual entry : if you uncheck this option, this journal will only accept imported data. You will not be able to key data in manually.
  • Close date : no import or entry will be possible before this date. If the date is left empty there is no date restriction.

The Close date can be edited (or erased).