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Reconcilable accounts

In the account chart management (Parameters, Account chart), each account can be defined as reconciliable or not.

By default an account is not reconcilable. You must check as reconcilable some accounts to have following features working.

Reconciliation by account

Click the menu Accounting, Reconciliation and you will see the list of unreconcilied accounting records for the first reconciliable account.

If you don't want to reconcile accounting records for this account, click the button Next to display for the next account. You can click in the columns titles to sort along the column content, specially by date or debit/credit. If you click in the columns debit or credit, the sort will be done on the absolute value of the amount.

Check two accounting records (or more) for which the amount sum is zero. If this is true, you will see below Balance : 0,00 in green, and you will be allowed to validate. The checked accounting records then disappear and you can go on in the same way for other accounting records. A reconciliation character made of 3 alphabetic characters each will identify the reconciliation.

When an accounting record has been reconciled, it is no more possible to delete it, nor to change it's amount.

Reconciliation during accounting entry

After you have entered and validated an accounting record with a reconcilable account, you see in the last column a button to reconcile the line.

After clicking this button, is displayed the list of unreconciled accounting records lines on the same account. The current line is already checked and not uncheckable.

Check the lines to have a null balance, and validate.

You go back to accounting entry, and the reconciliation character is shown in the last column.

Cancel reconciliation while browsing accounting records

In case of an error, you can click on the button in the last column, see the lines reconciled with the current line.

It is possible to cancel reconciliation of all the lines by validating.

List not reconciled accounting records

General ledger has an option to report all lines of reconcilable accounts having no reconciliation character, to allow some checks.