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We use only 2 digits, then a reliability level, and finally possibly a sequential number.

Example :

  • 1.2-Stable
  • 1.1-Stable-1
  • 1.2-Beta-2
  • 1.2-Release-candidate-1
  • 1.4-Alpha-1

Reliability level

Alpha versions

Versions in development, not finished, which can contain several severe bugs and possibly destroy your data.

They are build with sources contained in the trunk branch. No binary installer will be uploaded on SourceForge for these versions.

The chrono is not always incremented when the database structure is changed. In case you encounter errors, you must run a restructuration by checking the option during database selection.

Never use them for real management, only on a copy of a test database.

You can indicate anomalies, if you are developer and verified that the corresponding sources have not just been archived.

Beta versions

They are versions at the end of development, possibly containing still bugs, and that must be tested. Normally, we add only very little features at this level.

They are still build with sources contained in the trunk branch. All binary installation package of these versions are not uploaded on SourceForge, you must use the building script to compile it when binary is not available.

Never use them for a real management, use them only on a copy of a database created and succesfully used with the last stable version.

Please, indicate any anomaly you found on the forum.

Release candidates

They are almost totally debugged versions, requiring more tests. We do not add any new feature at this level.

You can use them carefully for a real management, but only after having made a backup of the database and being sure to know how you can restore in case of issues.

Naturally, indicate errors found on the forum. Improvements, will be processed only in the following version.

Binary installation packages of these versions are uploaded on SourceForge, at least for Linux 64 bits and Windows.

Stable versions

After a sufficient period of test without important modifications, the last Release Candidate becomes stable.

You can use them for a real management. It remains useful to backup regularly your databases, especially if the version was released recently.

Binary installation packages of these versions are of course uploaded on SourceForge. They will be moved in "Old versions" folder after a new stable version is released, and will stay there as long as this site will allow it.

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