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This window allow changing from Gestinux the password of the database for the currently connected user.

The old current password must be provided, and you must enter twice the new password.

By default, you don't see the passwords entered, but it is possible to see them by checking the box below (when you are sure to be alone).

Gestinux only forwards this request to the server, and don't verify any complexity rule for the new password.

For information

Users and password are not managed by Gestinux, but by the database management system (DBMS : MariaDb or MySql or PostgreSql).

When it was installed, a first user (root, usually) has been created and it's password has been defined. It is possible to use them to connect Gestinux to a database. This is enough to start and during first trials, but this is not very secure.

To create or modify users, you must use tools and procedures specific to the DBMS. You can find explanations on the internet or ask for support in Gestinux forum.

If you forgot the server password, Gestinux will not be able to help you. It is useless to uninstall it, but there are solutions if you have enough rights on the server.

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